Ukraine Chief Prosecutor: No Negotiations With Russia to End War

Ukraine’s prosecutor general says the country is not considering negotiations with Russia to bring an end to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

In a BBC interview in Kyiv, Andriy Kostin said Moscow must be held responsible for its actions in Ukraine. 

Kostin, who wants to set up a special international tribunal, said he wants reparations that would be obtained through the seizure of Russian assets. 

He took exception to the notion that people around the world are suffering because of Ukraine.  “They don’t hear missiles. They don’t know what is bombing,” he said.  “They don’t know what is killing, rape, looting.”

While the prosecutor agreed that Europeans are paying more for food and fuel since the invasion, he said Ukrainians are “paying with their lives.”

Kostin said evidence of torture and indiscriminate killings is emerging “in practically every village and every town,” as well as evidence of sexual violence against women and children.

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