Serbia Holds Parliamentary and Local Elections

Serbia is holding parliamentary and local elections Sunday expected to consolidate President Aleksandar Vucic’s ruling Serbian Progressive Party’s power.The opposition is partially boycotting the vote.”I fulfilled my citizen’s duty and that’s why I came to vote,” said Miroslav Krstic, a resident of Belgrade. “I think that is every citizen’s duty. But what I see is that we are divided.”The elections, initially scheduled for April, were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but lockdown rules have now been completely relaxed and people are optimistic about what lies ahead.”I expect it to be far better, for Serbia to develop more economically,” said Petar Momcilovic, a Belgrade resident. “A lot has been done but I expect much more.”About 6.6 million voters are eligible to cast ballots for the 250 seats of the country’s parliament and for local governing bodies.Vucic’s party appears set for a landslide victory since it is facing a divided opposition.Several main opposition parties are boycotting the vote, claiming lack of free and fair conditions and accusing Vucic of dominating the election campaign on the mainstream media through his control. Vucic has denied the accusations.However, some smaller groups have decided to participate, saying the boycott would only help Vucic’s party. 

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